Why it’s A Bright Idea to Move in Mississauga?


The city of Mississauga is one of the largest communities that sits right in front of Lake Ontario. Skyscrapers and city lights adorn the city at night reflecting its timeless beauty by the river banks. No wonder why people flock here to begin a new journey and take on a whole new urban lifestyle.

The city currently has a population of more than 70,000 residents having it ranked as #6 most populated cities in Canada. The population increase is no surprise due to the never-ending demands in business, arts and economic growth.

It Hosts one of the most prestigious universities in the world

As a parent or a student, looking into a home where it’s near to credible and top notch educational institutions, Mississauga is the best place to look into. It’s the home of Sheridan College and University of Toronto Mississauga that has produced bright graduates through the years. Their graduates are being sought after by famed companies and establishments attracting them to join their organization. These graduates contributed a big chunk of the country’s economic growth. The city provides a high standard of education towards its students.

One of the safest cities to live

Unlike other major cities where crime is out and about, it’s the opposite case in Mississauga. They have the lowest crime rates compared to other nearby large cities where it’s unsafe to walk alone at night. There’s only 5,334 recorded crimes out of 100,000 people as per Safe City Mississauga. As the 6th largest city, that’s relatively low compared to other cities. The city has continuously partnered with the City’s Regional Police to reduce possible increase of crime rates by providing more programs and services to its residents.


Competitive housing opportunities

Living in the city can be relatively high due to expensive property taxes and strong competition. However, Mississauga offers tailor fit housing price rates for its residents. Based on the current listings via Condomapper.ca, a 1 bedroom and 1 bath condo in the neighborhood of Cooksville can cost $379,000. A studio-type condo in other cities can cost just only $400,000-500,000. Condos for sale in Mississauga has eased the housing demands in the city since the boom of its population in the recent years.

Numerous Businesses that Provides Income

Finding a job in other large cities can be a real challenge due to the increase of competition and changes in standards. In Mississauga, job opportunities are not slowing down due to a wide number of businesses, multinational companies and being a home of 61 Fortune 500 Canadian companies. Providing a living to its residents has improved over the past years due to sudden influx of investors in the city. The city was even ranked as one of the cities with less poverty cases in the country.

Mississauga can be considered as one of the top rating cities to live in the coming years. Are you ready to take on in this change of home?